September 6, 2023

Virginia Beach City Council Seeks Resident Feedback on Two-Year Focused Action Plan

Following the Virginia Beach City Council retreat in August, council members are asking residents to weigh in with what they believe the City Council's focus should be when it comes to policy development and decision-making.

During the retreat, council members were invited to identify and share up to seven priorities, which were then consolidated into individual themes. These themes and priorities will shape the focused action plan, which will outline where the city manager and staff will focus their efforts. Before the plan is finalized, the City Council has requested resident input.

A brief survey is available on where residents are encouraged and invited to share their input on how much focus each theme should receive. In addition, residents can share what success looks like for the areas they marked as a high priority.

The resident rankings and comments gathered through the survey will be provided to the City Council prior to finalizing the FY24-26 focused area plan. The survey will be available until Monday, Sept. 18.

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