March 13, 2024

VBPD Launches Keep Virginia Beach Safe Program

The Virginia Beach Police Department (VBPD) is pleased to announce its taking the next step in launching our Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) by starting the Keep Virginia Beach Safe program. 

Once fully operational, the RTCC will make our community and VBPD officers safer while improving crime solvability. The Keep Virginia Beach Safe program is a critical piece of this initiative, empowering Virginia Beach residents to help create a safer community through a state-of-the-art software program, Fusus

"The Keep Virginia Beach Safe program, as part of the Real Time Crime Center, will allow us to take our approach to leveraging technology as a force multiplier to the next level,” said VBPD Police Chief Paul Neudigate. “Bringing this program online will help us fulfill our commitment to data-driven practices and technology-centered policing.” 

The Keep Virginia Beach Safe program gives residents and property owners the option to voluntarily register or integrate their personally-owned cameras as part of the RTCC, giving law enforcement critical and actionable information that speeds up investigations and emergency response to keep residents, guests, and businesses safer. 

Camera registration does not provide live video access to VBPD, rather the camera location information for use when an incident occurs.  Investigators will contact camera owners only if they need assistance collecting camera footage.  For example, in the event of a theft,, VBPD may request from a store owner a recorded video to quicken the process of evidence gathering.  

Registering a camera with VBPD is quickly and easily done through the self-service portal. Those that register with VBPD can also integrate their camera(s) with the Real Time Crime Center, sharing access with VBPD in emergency situations. Residents have a wide-range of integration options and can customize their sharing preferences. 

"We’re excited to give our residents an opportunity to be part of an initiative that will make our community safer for everyone,” Neudigate said. “We’re empowering our residents to contribute in a meaningful and actionable way.” 

The Keep Virginia Beach Safe program advances the VBPD’s Real Time Crime Center initiative, which will operate nearly 24 hours a day to centralize computer aided dispatch (CAD), calls for service (911 calls), license plate reader notifications for wanted vehicles/persons, gunshot detection activations, social media monitoring, as well as monitoring of the citywide camera network.  RTCC intelligence analysts will be able to provide real-time support to our officers as they respond to calls for service. 

The Virginia Beach Police Department is committed to providing a safe community and improving the quality of life for all people. This is accomplished by delivering quality police services and enforcing laws with equity and impartiality.   

In partnership with our community members, organizations, and partners, VBPD reduces crime through public education, prevention, and awareness. In meeting this objective, the Department demands of its officers the highest professional standards and dedication to its core values. 

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