November 9, 2023

Captain Scott M. Springer Named the Virginia Beach Fire Department’s 2023 Firefighter of the Year!

Captain Scott M. Springer was named the Virginia Beach Fire Department’s 2023 Firefighter of the Year at the department’s annual awards ceremony last evening. Springer was presented the prestigious award by STIHL® representative, Product Manager John Allen.

The Firefighter of the Year is awarded to a firefighter that embraces and demonstrates the department’s core values:

  • Service - Professional and trained workforce, providing for other before self.
  • Caring - Using empathy and sympathy for addressing situations.
  • Honesty - Just behavior principled in intention and actions.
  • Trust - Reliance on the department and individuals following our core values.
  • Integrity - Moral and ethical conduct at all times

Springer has been with the department since January 1, 2013.

Comments from peers include:

  • He is motivated, compassionate, and a shining example of the Core Values of the VBFD.
  • Scott does all these things, both within the department and outside of it surreptitiously.
  • He does not seek attention or accolades.
  • He maintains high standards for himself and those around him but remains humble and willing to always be the student and a willing helper.

The entire service awards ceremony and presentation to Captain Springer can be found at

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