December 11, 2023

The Ripple Effect: Quarterly Update on the Flood Protection Program

Flood Protection Oversight Board provided its latest progress report to City Council Dec. 5.

The Ripple Effect Flood Protection Program

The Flood Prevention Bond Referendum Oversight Board (FPBROB) and Jacobs Engineering delivered the quarterly status report on the Flood Protection Program to City Council on Tuesday, Dec. 5. Here is a brief recap of that presentation.

FPBROB Presentation

FPBROB Chairman Jeff Waller, P.E. noted that since September’s last report:

  1. Construction progress continues at: Windsor Woods Tide Gates, Bow Creek Stormwater Park Phase 1, South Plaza Trail Presidential Blvd. Drainage, and old Forge Road & Red Lion Road Drainage.
  2. Enhanced communications to raise public awareness kicked-off with the release of the Rosemont Forest Stormwater Pump Station video and blog, as part of a new series.
  3. A Flood Model Visualization & Exposure Tool was launched to help residents understand the value and benefits of the Flood Protection Program.
  4. The City appropriated a $25 million Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) grant awarded to four Shore Drive projects.

Jacobs Engineering Presentation

Leisha Pica, with Jacobs Engineering, shared the current status of FPP projects with City Council. Key project updates pointed out that:

  1. The bulk of project activity is now either in design or under construction.
  2. The Flood Protection Program continues to make steady progress and is on schedule in terms of procurements, design milestones, and construction completions.
    1. Elizabeth River Floodplain Restoration and Back Bay Marsh Restoration reached 100% design completion
    2. Lake Bradford Dredging will be complete by the end of December 2023
  3. Eight projects are still in planning:
    1. Four will finish planning in 2024
    2. Four will finish planning in 2025
  4. The Flood Model Visualization & Exposure Tool is easy-to-use, via a quick demonstration for Council.

The Virginia Beach Flood Protection Program—The Ripple Effect—is a comprehensive 10-year plan to address recurrent flooding in Virginia Beach. In November 2021, Virginia Beach voters overwhelmingly supported a resiliency package for several key flood protection initiatives to include drainage improvements, tide gates, pump stations and flood barriers throughout the city. The projects are led by Public Works with support from a community oversight board for transparency and accountability. Learn more at

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