September 12, 2023

The State of Recycling: What Type of Recycler Are You?

Let City leadership know how you want to recycle.

What Type of Recycler Are You

The City's recycling contract is expiring in June 2024, and City leadership is interested in resident feedback to help shape the future of the recycling program and the funding allocation for recycling in the proposed FY24-25 budget. As we near The State of Recycling survey opening on Oct. 2, it’s a good time to reflect on what type of recycler you are, determine your preferences for recycling and educate yourself on the options available for the recycling program in the future.

Some recyclers are meticulous about making sure their items are clean and items are correctly placed in the bin, while for others, recycling is low on their daily list of priorities. What type of recycler are you?

Diligent Recycler

You recycle everything, even if it means trips to different locations to drop off different types.

Conscious Recycler

You make an effort to recycle those items which go in the blue bin or plastics/paper that can be taken to a drop-off location.

Opportunistic Recycler

You recycle if and when it is convenient; you do not expend any extra effort but will recycle if given the opportunity in the moment.

Low-Priority Recycler

You have too many other more important day-to-day issues to worry about and recycling is low on the list. However, you are willing to make changes to your routine if it’s made more convenient and accessible.

No matter what type of recycler you are, your voice matters as we shape the future of recycling in Virginia Beach. City Leadership is interested in your input, so together we can create a recycling program that meets the needs and preferences of all residents.

Visit to learn more about the options and subscribe for updates on this issue and a reminder when the survey opens.

The City of Virginia Beach invites residents to participate in any of our active surveys at The feedback provided is given to elected City officials and leaders to include in their policy and decision-making process.

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