April 27, 2023

Logistics for Locals During Something In The Water Weekend

We’ve compiled important numbers, info that may come in handy this weekend.
Something in the water event stage at night 2019

City of Virginia Beach and SITW organizers have been working hard to minimize impacts on residents, neighborhoods and businesses near the festival, with priority being safety and security. As with all major events, a lot of planning and preparation happens to ensure everyone has a great time in our city while making sure we are fully prepared to address issues such as traffic, crowds and communication.

We’ve highlighted important information for locals that may be useful.

Traffic and Safety

There will be a large law enforcement presence outside the festival, and organizers have taken steps to ensure that pedestrian and vehicle traffic does not affect neighborhoods. This year, a progressive traffic diversion plan will be utilized to offer flexibility and accommodate those who live, work or have businesses in the restricted areas.

We have robust safety plans and worked with local neighborhoods and businesses to address safety concerns. Staffing is increased during large events and festivals and the Virginia Beach Police Department (VBPD) will have a zero-tolerance policy for crimes that threaten the safety of our visitors and our community.

VB311 & Non-Emergency

VB311 live agents can answer residents’ questions and requests with regards to:

  • Festival- and city-related information
  • Traffic-related information
  • Towing services (If someone illegally parks in your neighborhood or private parking space, you can call 311 to request towing service.)
  • Noise complaints

Call (757) 385-5000 for non-emergencies. Only call 911 for true emergencies.

Short-Term Rentals During Festival

How are STRs being managed during Something In The Water?

  • PRE-EVENT: Zoning’s Short-Term Rental (STR) Team has been working with SITW staff and the City’s event communications team to add advisory information to the City’s social media sites in the lead up to and during the festival. Similar information will also be shared on the City’s event FAQ page and will explain how residents may file a complaint or report a neighbor operating an unregistered STR. Residents will also be instructed to contact the VBPD if there is an immediate danger or for noise complaints.
  • DURING: Zoning’s STR Team will coordinate with VBPD and someone will be on-call to assist the police 24/7 throughout the course of the festival to pull any information Zoning may have on the property owners or the property status to assist with response and investigations. For general complaints regarding an STR, call (757) 210-5385. Note: We only handle complaints about the use, not pricing or quality of a stay.
  • POST-EVENT: The City recognizes that people are going to make properties available for short-term rental during SITW and it won’t be possible to shut them down mid-stay. If issues arise and people are causing problems, the STR Team will retain a record so that if an owner later attempts to register a new STR that received complaints during SITW, these factors may be taken into consideration during the approval process. Any particularly problematic properties may result in the owner being fined $200 through the court system, even if their STR is no longer operating.

Stay informed about community impacts and festival updates:

To stay in the know about how to navigate this fun weekend at the Oceanfront you can:

If you are looking for festival-specific updates like tickets, lineup information, VIP access and more, visit the official website for SOMETHING IN THE WATER at somethinginthewater.com or download the SOMETHING IN THE WATER app.

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