May 2, 2023

Virginia Beach Provides Update on Resources Available for Those Impacted by Tornado

City Permit fees being waived for repairs necessary to make homes habitable

The following are the latest updates from the City of Virginia Beach.

Text Alerts for Great Neck Road

Residents of Virginia Beach can now receive real-time traffic and road closure updates for Great Neck Road by texting GNROAD to 67283. The City continues to work to clear streets of debris following the confirmed EF-3 level tornado that touched down in the northern part of the city on April 30.

Non-Profit Assistance

Residents that have been impacted by the tornado can call City partner Crisis Cleanup at 757-276-8892. They will input the residents request or concern in the system then we will match their concern with a nonprofit that can actively assist. Residents can also call 311 for nonprofit assistance.

Report Property Damage

The Real Estate Assessor will begin processing abatements on those buildings identified as destroyed and will move next to reviewing those identified as having major damage to confirm requirements for the abatement. Code of Virginia (58.1-3222) may provide for the abatement of levies on buildings which are razed, destroyed or damaged by a fortuitous happening beyond the control of the owner. The damage must render the building unfit for use & occupancy for thirty days or more during the calendar year.

Property owners can report damage due to the tornado to the Real Estate Assessor's Office at or call 757-385-4601.

Permits & Rebuilding

Permit fees, not the requirements for permits, have been waived for repairs necessary to render the building or portion thereof habitable. For questions about permits for rebuilding, contact the City's Planning Department at (757) 385-4211. Permits will be reviewed/issued as quickly as possible.

The following items do not require permits

  • Replacement of roof covering materials (shingles, etc.) for single family, two-family and townhomes
  • Replacement of siding for single family, two-family and townhomes
  • Replacement of windows for single family, two-family and townhomes

Any work required to secure, shore up, temporarily weatherproof, etc., (ex: tarping, boarding windows, temporary structural bracing) may be performed immediately.

  • Structures that have sustained "substantial structural damage" are required to have an evaluation by a Virginia Registered Design Professional (Engineer or Architect) for determination of permitting needs.
  • Structures that have sustained less than substantial structural damage shall be allowed to be restored to its pre-damaged state. Typical construction documents for less than substantial structural damage would include insurance estimates, contractor written scope of work/contract, etc. Additional documentation may be required if engineered elements are being repaired or replaced (ex: roof trusses, floor trusses, engineered beams, etc.). Please call 757-385-4211 option #3 for more detailed information.
  • Structures in the flood zone should call 757-385-4211 option #3 for more information.

Debris & Waste Management

The City Landfill & Resource Recovery Center is open from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Residents can drop off storm debris at no cost. Rules and restrictions regarding questions like what can be dropped off and the size of vehicles allowed can be found at the Virginia Beach Landfill site.

Normal trash and recycling schedules are being observed. Roads that are impassable or where heavy excavation work is being performed will be serviced as soon as our vehicles can gain access to the area. Yard waste collection continues to run on a delay. Please place bagged yard waste and woody debris in your trash cart for service on your normal collection day.

Dedicated Impact & Resource Center
Resources are still available at the Impact & Resource Center at Great Neck Recreation Center, 2521 Shorehaven Drive. Representatives from the City's Department of Human Services are onsite for any public that needs assistance. If those impacted are in need of any additional help and support, contact 311.


City officials are appreciative of the generous offers of assistance from residents and businesses for their neighbors in a time of crisis. We are currently organizing and establishing channels where those who wish to donate can do so. However, we are asking that the community please not arrive with unsolicited donations.

Private businesses who would like to donate food to City staff assisting with recovery efforts should contact the Office of Volunteer Resources, at 757) 385-4722,

Volunteer Information Reminder

The City asks that volunteers do not self-deploy until they are contacted and given instructions. VOLUNTEER Hampton Roads will coordinate the necessary volunteers when and if the City requests their assistance. Please be sure that you have filled out a complete profile on VOLUNTEER Hampton Roads website so that they can properly contact you if needed. Register at the

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