August 10, 2022

Virginia Beach Fire Foundation Launched to Support Fire Department and Community Initiatives

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (Aug. 10, 2022) — After months of hard work and dedication, the newly formed Virginia Beach Fire Foundation (VBFF) is actively seeking public support. VBFF, a non-profit organization established in 2021, is dedicated to funding community risk reduction efforts, safety education programs, and improving firefighter safety and quality of life for the Virginia Beach Fire Department (VBFD).

The VBFF is an independent non-profit organization made up of individuals whose core values center around life safety and prevention. The city of Virginia Beach is safeguarded by an all-hazards metro fire department that responded to more than 45,400 calls for service last year. The majority of Virginia Beach Fire Department's operating budget is dedicated to support personnel costs, leaving a small fraction to pay for items such as uniforms, personal protective equipment, firefighting equipment, training, and information technology needs.

Anchored in the belief that through the appropriate allocation of funding for outreach programs, educational resources, and the implementation of strategic community risk reduction efforts, they believe they have the power to build a healthier and more resilient place for citizens to call home. Programs that the Foundation supports, but are not limited to, include the Operation Smoke Alarm, Child Passenger Safety (Car Seat Installation Education), Fire & Life Safety Education, Residential Fire Safety, Fire Safety for Older Adults, and public community education and fire prevention presentations and webinars. "Securing the necessary funding to support fire safety education for the community is one of our main objectives at VBFF," stated Virginia Beach Fire Marshal, Lorna Trent. "We especially want to reach our most vulnerable, at-risk citizens including older adults, young children and individuals with mental and physical disabilities."

The Foundation provides a wonderful opportunity for individuals, businesses, civic organizations, and other community organizations to support their mission and make a tax-deductible contribution.

To learn more about the Foundation or how you can support their efforts, visit

The Virginia Beach Fire Foundation was established in 2021, The Virginia Beach Fire Foundation is the official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the mission of the Virginia Beach Fire Department by preserving the Department's history, funding community risk reduction and safety education programs, and improving firefighter safety and quality of life.

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