April 27, 2022

Virginia Beach Fire Department Launches New Fire Inspection Initiative to Reduce Business Re-inspections

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (April 27, 2022) – The Virginia Beach Fire Department's Fire Prevention Bureau has launched a new initiative to help reduce staff time and save money expended on re-inspecting businesses for City and State Fire Code violations.

As part of the new initiative, Fire Inspectors are notifying businesses ahead of their annual inspection by providing information to help them identify and correct common violations that are typically found during routine annual fire inspections.

The goal of the initiative is to:

  • prevent fires and maintain a safe and healthy environment for staff and customers
  • reduce the number of re-inspections
  • be more efficient by decreasing staff time and costs of re-inspections
  • encourage compliance with all City and State Fire Codes through education
  • avoid disruption or shutdown of businesses; and
  • reduce re-inspection fees paid by businesses

The list is not all-inclusive of what Inspectors will be checking for during the inspection, but rather a "head start" to help businesses correct issues, so they are in compliance with all City and State Fire Codes.

Notifications to businesses are being implemented via email addresses, if available.

This initiative will be evaluated in the future to determine if the new process is beneficial to both proprietors and inspectors.

For additional information or questions please visit www.vbgov.com/fire-prevention, Email: VBFMO@vbgov.com, or call (757) 385-4228.

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