August 24, 2022

VB Designates RideShare Pick-Up and Drop-Off Zone at Oceanfront

As part of the transportation planning for this weekend's East Coast Surfing Championship and Concerts at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, a designated RideShare pick-up and drop-off zone will be provided on Atlantic Avenue northbound, between 9th Street and 12th Street.

Beginning Thursday, Aug. 25, through Sunday, Aug. 29, traffic on Atlantic Avenue will have limited access between 2nd Street and 5th Street and between 5th Street and 9th Street due to the event and concerts on the beach.

All RideShare drivers are encouraged to utilize the designated pick-up and drop-off zones for the convenience of their riders arriving and departing the event area.

RideShare directional signs as well as designated loading area signs will be posted advising drivers where the loading zones are located.

For additional information about the RideShare program, contact Public Works Traffic Management Operations at (757) 385-1470.

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