October 3, 2023

The Virginia Beach Fire Department Releases FY2023 Annual Report

Virginia Beach Fire Department recently published its FY2023 Annual Report. Fire Chief Ken Pravetz stated, “This report, serves as a testament to the dedication and hard work of our firefighters and support staff. Over the past year, our department has faced numerous challenges, and I am proud to say that we have met each one with resilience, commitment, and a strong sense of pride and duty. The annual report provides a comprehensive overview of the Department’s activities, achievements, and community outreach efforts during the past year.

Data in this year's Report includes:

  • Fire Incidents and Responses: Data regarding the number of incidents, response times, and outcomes.
  • Fire Prevention and Education: The department's commitment to fire prevention and education is highlighted. Initiatives include efforts conducted by the Life Safety Educations Division’s “Safety Squad,” school workshops, and community outreach programs, inclusive of all ages in the community.
  • Training and Professional Development: Continuous training and improvement remains a top priority. Details of various training programs, certifications, and courses that were completed during the year.
  • Special Events and Community Engagement: The Department supports numerous City sponsored festivals, to ensure residents, visitors and businesses are safe during these highly populated events. Community involvement is a vital part of the Department’s mission.
  • Special Operations and Equipment and Facilities: Highlighted are the achievements in special operations and information on the state of equipment, apparatus, and facilities. It also includes information on new acquisitions and improvements to our infrastructure.

The digital version of our Annual Report is available on our website at fire.virginiabeach.gov/.

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