February 1, 2022

Residents to Receive Corrected Tax Forms

Affected Residents Should Contact the Virginia Department of Taxation for Information

Virginia Beach residents who received incorrect Form 1099-Gs in error have been identified and will receive corrected forms as well as a letter of explanation from the Virginia Department of Taxation.

A batch of Form 1099-Gs that were sent to a group of taxpayers in Virginia Beach from the Virginia Department of Taxation included incorrect information. As a result, a group of taxpayers received information intended for other taxpayers. The error was limited in scope and only affected some Virginia Beach taxpayers. The affected residents are asked to destroy any incorrect forms they may have received.

Taxpayers can conveniently access their own Form 1099-G using the Virginia Tax Lookup Tool: https://www.individual.tax.virginia.gov/1099G/login.jsf.

For more information or with any questions related to this incident, please contact the Department of Taxation at (804) 367-8031 or https://www.tax.virginia.gov/contact-us.

Should Virginia Beach taxpayers be unable to make contact with the Department of Taxation, the Commissioner of the Revenue may be able to provide assistance. Please call 385-4483 or email stincome@vbgov.com for assistance.

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