August 19, 2022

Public Works Announces Pavement Condition Survey Project

With over 3,500 lane miles of roads throughout Virginia Beach, maintenance and repair of those roads is a major undertaking. Virginia Beach Public Works - Operations is currently conducting a pavement condition survey and roadway asset collection. The data collected through this program will be used to plan and manage roadway maintenance and repair projects.

Public Works - Operations has contracted with Roadway Asset Services (RAS) to drive the City-maintained roads with its Roadway Asset Collection (RAC) vehicle to collect video and GPS data on the various roadways. The van is equipped with a camera boom on top of the vehicle and a laser array that hangs off the back.

This process of collection will not require traffic control devices or closures and the RAC vehicle will operate with the flow of traffic during the daylight hours. RAS staff may be required to drive a road several times to collect the required data.

If requested, RAS staff will provide information on the RAC van and its capabilities as well as documents identifying staff as RAS employees.

The program is expected to be completed by the end of December 2022.

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