January 3, 2022

Joint Statement: Virginia Beach Police Department and Virginia Beach City Public Schools

In an ongoing effort to curb gun violence in our communities, the Virginia Beach City Police Department (VBPD), in partnership with Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS), is continuing their initiative to actively monitor school parking lots for guns on nights when sporting events are taking place.

“As the possession of any weapon on school property is illegal, we want to send a message to the community that bringing firearms to school events will not be tolerated and can result in serious legal consequences,” Police Chief Paul Neudigate said.

Nationwide, there have been 20,108 gun-related deaths (homicide, murder, unintentional, defensive use) and 39,405 injuries in 2021 according to the Gun Violence Archive.

“We will do anything we can to prevent senseless acts of gun violence,” Superintendent Aaron Spence said. “We have to stand together against this kind of violence in our communities. Our young people need us and need to feel safe in their neighborhoods and schools.”

This latest effort is just one of the many ways VBPD and VBCPS collaborate in order to keep schools and students safe on a daily basis.

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