June 1, 2022

Hurricane Season Starts June 1: Here Are Seven Simple Steps You Can Take to Prep Like a Pro

Hurricane season is upon us. Most locals know to build a kit, make a plan and stay informed. But, if you've already taken care of the basics, here are seven additional steps you can take to ensure your household is hurricane ready.

  1. DO A TREE CHECK UP: Identify hazardous trees – trees that if they came down could potentially damage your home. "Hazardous" trees may be compromised by disease, poor root systems or dead limbs. Work with professionals as necessary to eliminate any hazards.

  2. INSPECT AND REPAIR THE EXTERIOR OF YOUR HOME: Clean out gutters that could send water into homes, check your roof, have a plan to secure outdoor items like grills and lawn furniture.

  3. INSPECT YOUR SUMP PUMP – If you have a sump pump, check it to ensure that it is in working order while the weather is dry to make sure nothing is clogged.

  4. SWAP OUT CARDBOARD BOXES – If you're storing any valuables or keepsake items, protect them better by swapping out cardboard for plastic bins with lids

  5. INVEST IN A WATERPROOF/FIREPROOF SAFE – Consider upgrading the protection for your important documents such as legal papers, birth certificates, your marriage license, financial papers and insurance policy information to a waterproof/fireproof safe. These safes are an even better option than a plastic bin. Store in an interior closet in your home.

  6. PURCHASE OR RENEW FLOOD INSURANCE – Homeowners insurance policies do not cover flooding. It typically takes up to 30 days for a policy to go into effect, so the time to buy is well before a disaster. The City of Virginia Beach's flood mitigation efforts have also earned residents a 15% discount, visit floodsmart.gov and VBgov.com/flood for details.

  7. INVENTORY YOUR PROPERTY AND DOCUMENT WITH PHOTOS – In the event you have to submit an insurance claim, take before and after pictures of your property for insurance purposes. Video and photographs help substantiate losses and speed up the claims process.

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