March 29, 2022

Dredging Operations to Begin at Rudee Inlet on April 2nd

Virginia Beach Public Works has announced that the US Army Corps of Engineers' will commence dredging operations on Saturday April 2, 2022, as a part of the Rudee Inlet maintenance dredging program. Norfolk Dredging Company has been contracted by the US Army Corps of Engineers to perform this work, with the dredge Charleston. Dredging operations will be ongoing for approximately four weeks with placement along the Resort Beach between Resort Beach between 5th and 11th Street and along Croatan Beach between Twilight Lane and Croatan Road.

Beach equipment began arriving to the 2nd Street access during the week of March 21st.As beach equipment arrived, equipment was taken to the established laydown area between the 4th and 5th Street accesses.

Although the dredging operations will occur in and around the channel, a floating pipeline will be placed parallel along the south side of the mouth of the inlet. Any used submerged pipeline will be marked with buoys every 120' with appropriate signs placed at the pipeline entry and exit points. The floating pipeline length is approximately 1500' long and will be anchored and tended by tender tugboats.

Mariners are requested to exercise extreme caution when approaching, passing, and leaving the dredging plant and the dredge prior to passing. The dredge operator will standby on Channels #13, #16, and #5 VHF-FM. For emergencies, the dredge operator can be reached at (757) 508-2326.

Rommel Tamayo is the project manager for Virginia Beach Public Works and can be contacted for additional information at:, or (757) 385-4131.

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