February 22, 2022

Commonwealth v. Nathaniel Lee Campbell; Maximum Sentence of 10 Years for Man who Killed Military Police Officer in Crash

​Virginia Beach, Va. – Colin D. Stolle, Commonwealth's Attorney for the city of Virginia Beach, announced that Nathaniel Lee Campbell, age 41, of Shenandoah, Virginia, was sentenced today for Involuntary Manslaughter. Circuit Court Judge Kevin M. Duffan sentenced Campbell to the maximum punishment allowed by law: ten (10) years in prison with no portion suspended. Upon pronouncing his sentence, Judge Duffan remarked that in this case, "The justice system is inadequate to fix what's broken."

Campbell pled guilty on December 14, 2021. Had this matter gone to trial, the Commonwealth's evidence would have proven that at approximately 7:23 p.m. on November 30, 2019, Nathaniel Lee Campbell drove his truck through the gate at JEB Little Creek – Fort Story. An officer stationed at the gate observed Campbell accelerate to a speed of approximately 70 m.p.h., pass the checkpoint, and enter the base driving the wrong way through the exit lane. The speed limit on the road approaching the gate is 25 m.p.h., and the speed limit through the gate is 15 m.p.h. The officer on duty at the gate notified dispatch of Campbell running the gate. Navy Police Officer Oscar Temores, age 23, and another Navy Police Officer responded to intercept Campbell.

They began driving in separate police vehicles with lights and sirens activated. Officer Temores drove behind his partner's police vehicle. As Campbell drove toward the officers, the first officer turned his vehicle towards the right-hand shoulder. Officer Temores' police vehicle and Campbell's truck collided head-on. An officer observing from a window in a nearby building saw the first police vehicle pull off the side of the road followed by Officer Temores' vehicle driving offset to the left and colliding with Campbell's truck. At the time of the crash, Officer Temores' speed was 27 m.p.h. and Campbell's speed was 79 m.p.h. Both drivers were transported to Virginia Beach General Hospital where Officer Temores was pronounced deceased.

When questioned by police, Campbell stated that he did not remember the crash, and the last thing he remembered was driving too fast. He said that he was going to a strip club, that he was flying down the road, and that he felt out of control. He said he was in the Virginia Beach area due to "God's will." He had no impairing drugs or alcohol in his system.

Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Wendy Alexander asked Judge Duffan to impose the maximum penalty. She pointed out the stark contrast between the victim who was serving our country and our community, and Campbell, who has a criminal history and claimed to be driving to a strip club.

Campbell's prior record includes convictions for Strangulation, Assault, and a Violation of Probation.

Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Wendy Alexander and Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Shannon S. Dolida prosecuted this case. Please contact Macie Allen if additional information is desired.

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