May 3, 2022

Commonwealth v. Mickey Walker II & Commonwealth v. Mickey Koji Saiheir Walker; Father-Son Duo Sentenced for Roles in Murder Over $100 Marijuana Heist

Virginia Beach, Va. – Colin D. Stolle, Commonwealth's Attorney for the city of Virginia Beach, announced today that Mickey Walker II, 45, and his son, Mickey Koji Saiheir Walker, age 22, formerly of the 5600 block of Caxton Court in Virginia Beach, Virginia, were sentenced in Virginia Beach Circuit Court.

For charges of Second-Degree Murder, Use of a Firearm, Possess Schedule I/II Drug While Possess Firearm, Possess Schedule I/II Drug, Possess with intent to Sell/Distribute Marijuana > ½ ounce <5 pounds, and Conspiracy to Sell/Distribute Marijuana > ½ ounce <5 pounds, Walker II was sentenced by Circuit Court Judge A. Bonwill Shockley to 43 years in prison with eighteen (18) years suspended, leaving 25 years to serve.

For charges of Voluntary Manslaughter, Possess Schedule I/II Drug While Possess Firearm, Possess Schedule I/II Drug, Possess with intent to Sell/Distribute Marijuana > ½ ounce <5 pounds, and Conspiracy to Sell/Distribute Marijuana > ½ ounce <5 pounds, Walker was sentenced by Judge Shockley to 25 years in prison with fifteen (15) years and eight (8) months suspended, leaving nine (9) years and four (4) months to serve.

Walker II pled guilty on August 23, 2021. Walker pled guilty on November 16, 2021. Had this matter gone to trial, the Commonwealth's evidence would have proven that on the morning of January 5, 2020, Mickey Koji Saiheir Walker met an acquaintance, Davion Bush, at the end of his street. He intended to sell Bush a half-ounce of marijuana, but Bush grabbed the marijuana and drove away without paying for it. Walker attempted to follow Bush's vehicle for a few minutes on foot, then called his father, Mickey Walker II, to come pick him up. Walker directed Walker II to the area where he last saw Bush. The father and son searched multiple apartment complexes before locating Bush in a parking spot in an apartment complex on Baker Road.

Walker II pulled his pick-up truck directly behind Bush's vehicle, blocking it in the parking spot. Walker and Walker II exited the truck and approached the driver's side of Bush's vehicle. Bush tried to back out of the parking spot but collided with the Walkers' truck. Walker struck and kicked Bush's driver door and window, then Walker II pulled out a gun and shot Bush twice. Walker ran back to Walker II's truck and they rode away together. The incident was captured on video surveillance from the apartment complex. Several witnesses heard gunshots and called 911. Upon arrival, officers found the victim's car still running with the driver's window shattered. The victim had gunshot wounds to his left cheek and left side of his neck and was pronounced dead by EMS.

A witness identified Walker II in a photo lineup as the shooter and provided a partial license plate to the police. Police searched the victim's cell phone and found text messages between Walker and Bush that described plans to meet up that morning for a marijuana deal. In a search of the Walkers' residence, police found a 9mm pistol. The pistol, two shell casings from the crime scene, and two bullet fragments recovered from the victim's body were sent to the Department of Forensic Science for examination. The bullets and shell casings were determined to have been fired from the gun found in Walker II's bedroom. Police found marijuana and distribution materials throughout the home. In Walker's bedroom, police found $227 cash, a prescription bottle containing cocaine, and an operable .40 Glock pistol containing five (5) cartridges in the magazine.

In an interview with detectives, Walker admitted to meeting with the victim for the purpose of the marijuana deal and stated that the victim ran off without paying for it. He admitted to selling marijuana and that the gun and cocaine found in his bedroom were his. Further, he stated that as he searched for the victim, he wanted to "fuck him up" and get the marijuana back. Police processing the crime scene found the marijuana in the victim's vehicle.

Walker has prior convictions for Contempt of Court and Speeding. Walker II has no prior criminal convictions.

Assistant Commonwealth's Attorneys Brandon C. Emery and C. Andrew Rice prosecuted this case. Please contact Macie Allen if additional information is desired.


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