July 11, 2022

City Launches Webpage Showcasing Information About New Voting Districts

With the recent changes to our local election system that will take effect this November, the City of Virginia Beach has put together profiles for each of the 10 new election districts. These profiles contain information about each district, such as how many households and individuals reside in each district, demographics, community assets, education statistics, school locations, economic data, and how the land within a district is zoned.

"When you take a system that was portioned out in seven segments, then remake it into 10 segments, and are confined to the same area as before, the areas that are represented will absolutely be different from the previous system," said Communications Director Tiffany M. Russell. "We want our residents to know not only what district they vote in, but have the tools to learn about what falls within their district so they can be well-informed about their slice of Virginia Beach, and any issues of importance."

The profiles, which can be found here, will be updated regularly as information becomes available, or when new priorities are identified by residents or City Council. The profiles will ultimately provide residents a comprehensive view about their district community, but also how it fits into our community at large.

To learn more about the changes to our election system, find your district, and view frequently asked questions, please visit www.VBgov.com/VB10.

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