May 25, 2022

City Launches Streetlight Awareness Campaign

“If it’s out, give a shout!”

Virginia Beach residents are being asked to shed some light on an issue in their neighborhoods – damaged, burned out, or otherwise non-functioning streetlights. Over the next several weeks, the City will be publishing information to educate, inform, and encourage members of our community to give a shout and file a report when they notice a streetlight is out.

"Keeping our streets lit isn't just a matter of convenience, it's also an issue of public safety," said L.J. Hansen, director of the City's Department of Public Works. "Making sure our neighborhoods are well-lit means that any potential hazards on and alongside roads are visible to drivers, and residents can see what is happening near their homes. Unfortunately, we can't be everywhere at once to identify potential issues, so it's important that our residents have the information they need to have them addressed."

There are about 53,000 streetlights spread throughout Virginia Beach along roughly 3,000 miles of roads, parking lots and neighborhoods that light up our city after the sun goes down or during inclement weather. Fortunately, the individuals who live, work and play in those neighborhoods are well-positioned to know when there's an issue and can make a report to have it fixed.

Filing a report is easy, only takes a few minutes, and can be done over the phone or online. Anyone reporting an issue should provide the ID tag located on the streetlight pole. If it is unsafe to reach the pole, or you are unable to find the tag, the general location, such as an intersection or block number will be enough to get the process started.

Streetlights serviced by Dominion Energy, which are the vast majority of lights in Virginia Beach, will have an ID tag that begins with the letter B, R, or N, depending on the type of pole. Streetlights serviced by the City of Virginia Beach will have an ID tag that begins with the letter P and have a sticker with the City Seal above it.

To make a report about a light serviced by Dominion Energy:

To make a report about a light serviced by the City of Virginia Beach:

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