March 28, 2023

The Future of Rudee Loop: Resident Input Revealed

Results from community engagement efforts presented to City Council March 28.
Rudee Loop Aerial

More than 4,200 of you completed the “Reimagining Rudee Loop” online survey, nearly 200 residents attended the in-person open house community events, and interviews with members of 13 stakeholder groups were held to obtain input on what the future of Rudee Loop should be.

Through a Request for Information and Ideas process, conceptual proposals illustrating potential development options for Rudee Loop were solicited and the designs were made available for public review.

Detailed findings from the survey and other community engagement efforts can be found in this presentation, but here are a few key takeaways from the responses:

Open / Green space is high priority for respondents:

  • 71% come to Rudee Loop for the green open space
  • 72% believe a pedestrian-friendly environment is needed
  • 69% believe outdoor recreation space is needed
  • 55% believe a lush landscape is needed

Hotels, residential property and parking garages are not popular options:

  • 83% do not want a hotel at Rudee Loop
  • 59% do not want residential property
  • 40% do not want parking garages

This is how voting on the proposals went:

  • A. Bruce Smith Enterprise, Madison Marquette Development, and Armada Hoffler – 6%
  • B. The Virginia Gentlemen Foundation and EDSA – 25%
  • C. Gold Key | PHR – 4%
  • D. Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation – 64%

Based on some reoccurring themes heard from the community, most residents want to protect and maintain access to Rudee Loop and the panoramic views that the site provides. In addition to open green space, many respondents want continued use of surface parking, surfing and fishing availability at the site. Some concerns surrounding the development include the costs and funding for maintenance of the site, and how to best address parking, safety and traffic flow.

Next steps for the future of Rudee Loop: City Council has requested a workshop meeting on the topic for late summer 2023 with additional research into funding/operational models, such as a conservancy model. A recording of the council meeting is available at

The City seeks your participation in City policy development and decision-making. Visit for information on current community input opportunities.

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