March 7, 2023

Street Sweeping Services Return to Virginia Beach

After two years, Public Works has secured a new contractor to resume street sweeping services.

Fall leaves by storm drain

Virginia Beach has gone without street cleaning services since the company originally contracted to do the work filed for bankruptcy in 2021.

Since then, the City has been making efforts to procure a new contract and the new provider, Ohio-based Sweeping Corporation of America, began work in February with a fleet of trucks servicing neighborhoods across Virginia Beach.

Street sweeping will now occur between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday and the sweeping schedule for all neighborhoods will be updated weekly. (See schedule.) The new contractor will perform seven complete sweep cycles of the city's streets annually.

To maximize the effectiveness of street cleaning operations, Public Works requests that, if possible, residents refrain from parking on the street during the week their neighborhood is scheduled to be swept.

Due to the unfortunate delay in services, there is quite a bit of accumulated debris in the gutters on many streets. If debris remains after the first pass of the street sweeper, crews will be notified and return for a second pass.

Residents should be aware that the street sweeping program does not relieve property owners or occupants of real property from their duty to keep abutting streets and sidewalks in a clean and litter-free condition. (Sec. 33-13 of of Virginia Beach City Code).

This work is important because street sweeping has proven to be an effective way to prevent street pollutants from entering City storm drains, watersheds and beaches.

For more information including FAQs, visit this site.

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