April 30, 2024

ReadyVB: The City Is Prepared for Unpredictable Spring Weather

Residents, visitors and businesses are encouraged to stay informed and have a plan.

Public Works staff clearing a storm ditch

Spring weather in Virginia Beach can be unpredictable with the possibility of storms, flooding and even tornadoes. 

The City is continually adapting and improving its ability to prepare for and respond to any future emergencies and disaster situations. Its Emergency Operations Plan spells out a framework for the City to mitigate the impacts on the community from manmade, natural or technological disasters. It includes roles and responsibilities for City departments and agencies in preparing for and responding to all types of hazards and especially those deemed at high or moderate risk. Storms and flooding have been identified as high risk for the city. 

City actions to be prepared 

City staff in each department are designated to work during emergencies, and each department takes specific actions to prepare for possible emergency situations in relation to its role. As an example, here are some of the actions that the Department of Public Works takes to prepare for possible storms and flooding: 

  • Checking storm drains and ditches – clearing them where necessary.  
  • Checking all the pump stations. 
  • Answering calls from residents for particular storm drains to be inspected.  
  • Tying down or removing any objects on the beaches. 
  • Inspecting current construction projects and tying down anything that could present a danger in high winds. 
  • Checking low-lying, flood-prone areas. 
  • Keeping a close eye on beach erosion, especially during high tide cycles.  
  • Putting crews on call that can respond to downed trees. 

How the public can be prepared 

The public’s health and safety are a top priority for City officials, but the City can’t do it alone. It is important for every resident, business and visitor to also have a plan and be prepared as well. Here are some tips: 

Stay informed 

  • Sign up for VBAlert to get emergency alerts from the City of Virginia Beach via text message. 
  • Sign up for Be in the Know emails to received emergency-related news and updates. 
  • Follow the City on social media: Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram 
  • VBTV: Cox Cable 46, 47 and 48 and Verizon Cable 45, 46 and 47 will display emergency information, including City operational status and facility closures. 

Have a kit and make a plan 

  • Visit VirginiaBeach.gov/ReadyVB for emergency preparedness resources such as a basic kit supplies list, pet safety tips, information about safeguarding critical documents and more.  
  • Make a plan for how your family will evacuate and communicate during and after an emergency. 
  • Protect your property from possible damage. 
  • Call Citizen Services: 311 is available 24 hours a day for questions and reporting non-emergency conditions. From outside the city, call 757-385-3111. Please only call or text 911 when immediate response is needed from public safety. 
  • Learn more on how to be prepared. 

The City of Virginia Beach Emergency Management team promotes a comprehensive emergency management program to mitigate Virginia Beach's impacts from man-made, natural or technological disasters. Learn more at VirginiaBeach.gov/ReadyVB.

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