July 3, 2024

Ready to Launch: Kayak Kiosks Open at Munden Point Park and Lake Lawson/Lake Smith Natural Area

ADA accessible ramp is available at Lake Lawson/Lake Smith

Parks and Rec Mascot Barks at Kayak Kiosk

Embrace the fun of kayaking without the hassle of transporting your own kayak. Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation now offers state-of-the-art kayak rental kiosks at Munden Point Park and Lake Lawson/Lake Smith Natural Area that function like a vending machine. With just a few taps of your smartphone, you’ll be on the water in no time, making exploring local waterways easier and more convenient than ever before. 

Functions and Safety Features 

  • Convenient and flexible: The entire rental process is handled by an app on your phone. Whether you’re planning a quick paddle or two-hour adventure, the app allows you to choose the rental duration that fits your schedule. Want to stay out on the water for an extra hour? No problem! Just adjust your rental from the app. 
  • Availability: Each kiosk is stocked with eight single-rider kayaks at both Munden Point and Lake Lawson/Lake Smith. The kayaks are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are for those who are ages 18 and older. 
  • Safety: Each kayak comes with water-safe equipment including a life jacket, a paddle, a set of transportation wheels and an attachment strap to get the kayak safely to and from the kiosk to kayak launch. 
  • Weather: For your safety, it is recommended to check the weather and view the waterway from a maps app before heading out. Remember to always wear your life jacket!  

How It Works 

Using the new rental kayak kiosks, you can start your own adventure without having to use any of your own gear. Here’s what to expect: 

  1. Download the app: Download the dedicated Rent.Fun self-service mobile app. This will prompt you to set up your profile including any necessary payment details.  
  1. Find the kiosk and scan: At the kiosk, use your smartphone to scan the QR code displayed on any container with a kayak inside it. 
  1. Rent a kayak: The rental kiosks offer a variety of rental fun. Select the duration of your rental. Rent a kayak for $25 for up to two hours and $15 for each hour after that. A season pass is also available for $99.  
  1. Enjoy: After completing the prompts, the door to the kayak will open. Carefully open the gate and remove each item one by one. Then you’ll be ready to put on your life jacket, wheel the kayaks to the water and start paddling! 
Kayakers at Lake Lawson Lake Smith Natural Area

Explore Lake Lawson / Lake Smith Natural Area 

At Lake Lawson/Lake Smith, enjoy exploring the many inlets that make up this reservoir. An Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible kayak launch leads you into a smooth body of water. This launch allows users of all ability to explore wildlife and bald cypress trees along the waterline. If you’re looking for a nice adventure, we suggest you take a right to the open body of water when you leave the launch and head to the far end of the tree line, where you will see a small opening. Cross under the bridge to enter Lake Lawson. As you explore to the end of this part of the lake, you’ll find an area thick with lotus, which bloom during the summer months. This area of the lake is also lined with native mountain laurel, which typically blooms in May. 

Lake Lawson/Lake Smith Natural Area is home to many pond turtles (also known as sliders) that can be seen throughout the lake sunning themselves on logs or poking their heads up from the water while swimming. You can also spot herons, egrets, osprey, terns and ducks in the water. If you look closely, you may catch a glimpse of a pileated woodpecker flying across the lake from one treed area to the next! 

Explore the Creek at Munden Point Park 

While exploring Munden Point Park by water, we recommend heading right from the launch up the picturesque Oakum Creek. This creek is lined with several wetland plants such as marsh grasses, marsh mallow and cattails as well as swampland trees such as bald cypress. You are likely to spot water birds such herons, egrets, ducks and osprey.  

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