June 22, 2023

Logistics for Locals and Visitors During BEACH IT! Festival Weekend

We’ve compiled important info that may come in handy this weekend.
Beach It festival banners on lamp post with King Neptune statue in background

As BEACH IT! Country Music Festival hits our sandy shores this weekend, June 23-25, City staff and festival organizers have been planning and preparing to ensure everyone has a great time in our city while making sure we are ready to address issues such as traffic, crowds and communication before and during the event.

We’ve highlighted important information for locals and visitors that may be useful.

Be sure to sign up for VB Alerts to get updates and emergency notifications during the festival. Text BEACHIT to 67283.

Closures and Access

From 8th Street south, the beach will be a permitted event site for the festival, June 23-25.

During BEACH IT!, 3rd Street south will be closed to the public to include vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Access south of 5th Street will be restricted to City-issued passes.

The following is currently closed:

  • Rudee Loop South: Due to safety concerns, a decision was made today, June 22, to secure Rudee Loop south including the beach and Grommet Island Park. With large equipment in that area because of the festival buildout, organizers want to be proactive and keep residents and visitors safe.

Access to Rudee Loop will reopen after the festival. Pending any issues with loading out of equipment, all parking areas affected by the festival will be open by Friday, June 30.

Traffic and Safety

There will be a large law enforcement presence outside the festival, and organizers have taken steps to ensure that pedestrian and vehicle traffic does not affect neighborhoods. As with each major event, a progressive traffic diversion plan will be utilized to offer flexibility and accommodate those who live, work or have businesses in the restricted areas.

Staffing is increased during large events and festivals and the Virginia Beach Police Department will have a zero-tolerance policy for crimes that threaten the safety of our visitors and our community.

VB311 & Non-Emergency

VB311 live agents can answer residents’ questions and requests with regards to:

  • Festival- and city-related information
  • Traffic-related information
  • Towing services (If someone illegally parks in your neighborhood or private parking space, you can call 311 to request towing service.)
  • Noise complaints

Call (757) 385-5000 for non-emergencies. Only call 911 for true emergencies.

Getting There & Parking

Parking: City-owned parking garages, surface lots and metered spaces will be open during the festival weekend. The City will charge a daily flat rate of $20 at the garages and lots June 24-25.

  • ADA Parking: Any vehicle visibly marked with a disabled parking tag or other form of identification may park at any on-street metered location for free for up to 4 hours. Vehicles parked at a metered location beyond 4 hours are subject to a parking violation citation.

Note: Parking in residential areas is prohibited without a pass and could result in your vehicle being towed.

Driving: Use Waze for real-time road activity and traffic updates. There will be public parking available in the immediate area near the festival.

Rideshare: The designated rideshare, taxi and general drop-off and pickup area will be located from 9th-12th streets on Atlantic Avenue. The location is walkable to the festival and Oceanfront and will allow for easier flow of traffic for drop-off and pick up.

VB Wave Trolley: Hampton Roads Transit’s VB Wave Trolley will use 5th and 9th streets as a turnaround during the festival.

  • Route 30 passengers will board and get off at 5th Street, the trolley will turn right on 5th Street, then make a right on Pacific Avenue and a right on 9th Street, then left on Atlantic Avenue over the regular route.
  • Route 31 will continue Pacific Avenue to make a right at 9th Street, right on Atlantic Avenue, and right at 5th Street, then left at Pacific Avenue over regular route.
  • Route 35 will make a left at 9th Street, right on Atlantic Avenue, right on 5th Street and right on Pacific Avenue over regular route.

To stay in the know about this fun weekend at the Oceanfront, you can:

If you are looking for festival-specific updates like tickets, lineup information and more, visit the official BEACH IT! Website, beachitfestival.com.

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