August 7, 2023

ICYMI: Councilmember Wooten Hosted a District 7 Community Meeting Aug. 2

Several topics were discussed including the new voting districts.
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Councilmember Sabrina Wooten hosted a District 7 community meeting on Aug. 2 at New Song Fellowship Church. Her agenda focused on the latest information about the city's new voting districts and discussion by residents of the need for a recreation center in the district.

Chris Boynton with the City Attorney’s office gave a presentation about how and why the 2022 election districts were drawn by the court, what led to the changes, what the criteria and parameters were for these new districts, the many discussions and legal issues that have led to this point and why the 10-1 plan is what is being considered for adoption for 2024. He announced that there will be a public hearing on the redistricting ordinance at the City Council meeting on Aug. 8.

If Council decides to move forward with the 10-1 plan, there would be a vote on Aug. 15 to adopt the system and districts, with potentially a formal request of a charter or general state law change to be considered by City Council in the fall. Boynton also took a number of questions about what other plans were discussed and details about the next steps and other actions resulting from the change.

Officers from the Fourth Precinct gave a brief update on safety issues in District 7, as well as an update about the shooting involving an undercover officer in Level Green earlier in the day.

Councilmember Wooten then led a discussion about the need for a recreation center in the district and asked for comments and questions from the attendees. She also explained that it might need to be brought up and approved by a referendum and what the process would be to do that. She emphasized for the residents to make their views known to all City Council members and their reasons why they believe a rec center is needed.


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