October 10, 2022

Flood Protection Efforts

Protecting our city from recurrent flooding remains a top priority.

Workers setting hose to a river

Whenever our community experiences the effects of severe weather events like Hurricane Ian that recently impacted our region, it demonstrates why protecting our city from recurrent flooding remains a top priority.

The City’s Flood Protection Program is made up of more than 41 projects and programs to be implemented throughout the city over the next 10 years to help put Virginia Beach on a more sustainable path to resiliency. Most of these projects fall within one of seven master project areas:

  • Central Resort District
  • Eastern Shore Drive Phase 1
  • Stormwater Green Infrastructure (Back Bay & Elizabeth River Wetlands)
  • Lake Bradford and Chubb Lake
  • Southern Rivers Watershed
  • Windsor Woods, Princess Anne Plaza, and the Lakes
  • Linkhorn Bay Drainage Basin

The master project areas include communities in our city that were severely impacted by Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and other areas that experienced severe recurrent flooding that impacts homes and major roadways.

The need for ongoing stormwater maintenance to clean ditches, dredge canals and lakes, and manage other areas of concern to residents remains a priority as well. In fact, several of the master project areas serve to accelerate our stormwater maintenance efforts.

Check out the video for a quick update on some Flood Protection Projects that are currently underway and look for more updates in the months ahead.

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