March 17, 2021

From the Offices of: Philip J. Kellam, Commissioner of the Revenue & V. Leigh Henderson, City Treasurer

In 2020, the General Assembly imposed an additional transient occupancy tax (lodging tax) of 1% for the transportation district within Hampton Roads. The effective date of the legislation is May 1, 2021. The additional 1% will be added to the existing Virginia Beach lodging tax rate. All businesses that collect lodging taxes from their patrons will be required to collect the new tax amount and remit it to the Virginia Beach City Treasurer as they currently do. The Treasurer will segregate the regional 1% tax and remit the State's portion to the Virginia Treasury. Businesses will need to adjust their lodging tax rate on May 1. There will be no need to separately account for this tax.

Please contact the Commissioner of the Revenue's office at (757) 385-4251 or City Treasurer's office, (757) 385-4445, should you have any questions.

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