May 1, 2023

Commonwealth v. Tyler Lamar Jenkins; 15 Years for Killing Man Found with Estranged Wife

Virginia Beach, Va. – Colin D. Stolle, Commonwealth's Attorney for the city of Virginia Beach, announced that Tyler Lamar Jenkins, 27 years old, formerly of the 4800 block of Crystalline Place in Virginia Beach, Virginia, was sentenced for charges of Second Degree Murder and Use of a Firearm. Circuit Court Judge A. Bonwill Shockley sentenced Jenkins to 23 years in prison with eight (8) suspended, leaving fifteen (15) years to serve, which is the maximum sentence per the plea agreement.

Jenkins pled guilty on January 19, 2023. Had this matter gone to trial, the Commonwealth's evidence would have proven that Tyler Lamar Jenkins, and his wife, C.P., were married in April 2021 and separated by August 2021. They had consulted a divorce attorney, were both admittedly seeing other people, and were living in separate bedrooms within the same apartment.

On March 11, 2022, C.P. and the victim, Timothy Talley, had returned from travel obligations with the Navy. C.P. informed Jenkins that she was going out with friends that night and may be returning to the apartment with friends later. C.P. then went out with Talley and other friends for the evening. Several hours later, C.P. and Talley returned to the apartment. Jenkins' bedroom door was closed, and they did not know whether he was home. C.P. and Talley were having intercourse in C.P.'s room when Jenkins came in, armed with a pistol, and fired four shots. Three shots struck Talley, killing him. Jenkins then locked the firearm in his bedroom and left the apartment. C.P. called 911, and Jenkins was met on the landing by police.

During an interview with police, Jenkins first asked what he was supposed to do if someone was sleeping with his wife. He then changed his story, stating that he thought his wife was being raped. Finally, he went back to his initial story, asking, "What am I supposed to do when someone is sleeping with my wife?" A search of Jenkins' phone revealed that he had been in engaged in sexual relations with other women. After Jenkins' arrest, C.P. also found evidence of sexual activity by Jenkins in their apartment.

Jenkins has prior misdemeanor convictions for Assault and Battery and Destruction of Property.

Assistant Commonwealth's Attorneys Andrew R. Parker and Kari A. Kolar prosecuted this case. Please contact Macie Allen if additional information is desired.

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