June 11, 2024

Virginia Beach Comprehensive Planning Team Asks, ‘Did We Get It Right?’

Residents invited to complete online survey about high-level draft development policies for the 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update.

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Following a months-long process to collect feedback from residents and other local stakeholders about what they want for the future of Virginia Beach, the City’s Comprehensive Plan team has proposed high-level draft policies to guide development throughout the City for the next 20 years and beyond.  

Now, the team has reached the final input step of the comprehensive planning process and invites the public to provide comments on these proposed land-use policies via an online survey available at VirginiaBeach.gov/CompPlanSurvey. The deadline to complete the survey is 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, June 25.  


The plan is centered around previously identified “themes.” The themes are commonly held aspirations for Virginia Beach that were articulated by residents during the early public input stages, including:  

  • Environmental sustainability 
  • Balanced growth 
  • Economic and cultural diversity 
  • Sense of community  
  • Multimodal access 

Context Areas 

The draft plan is organized according to “context areas,” geographic breakdowns of different areas of the city, specifically:  

  • Coastal 
  • Inland 
  • Transition 
  • Rural 

Place Types 

Finally, “place types” are types of development representing the ways in which the City will organize and manage growth in the future:  

  • Centers are vibrant, mixed-use areas (For example, Town Center) 
  • Corridors are major thoroughfares that can support walkability and transit (For example, Virginia Beach Boulevard) 
  • Special-use areas are identified subareas of the city that can support specific uses (For example, business parks and military bases) 
  • Communities and neighborhoods 

Policy Examples 

Example polices include guidelines such as:  

  • Limit rural corridors (For example, Blackwater Road) to two lanes to restrict the number of access points to adjacent parcels and control development. 
  • Plan for and build walking and biking paths between neighborhoods and community hubs. 
  • Establish new transition zone policies and regulations to protect neighborhoods adjacent to centers and corridors. 

Did we get it right? 

Take a look, complete the survey and let the Comprehensive Planning team know whether these draft policies are right or something is missing. For any comments or questions, contact CompPlan@vbgov.com, 757-385-4319.  

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Surveys request residents voluntarily provide demographic information. Staff members analyze this information to ensure that input is coming from all segments of the Virginia Beach population and make adjustments in outreach as needed. Learn more about how the City uses personal information.

Content can be translated via the Google Translate tool available at the top right of the webpage. Those who do not have computer access or who need additional help in accessing the information and completing surveys online are encouraged to visit any Virginia Beach Public Library for assistance.  

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