April 3, 2023

Two Resort-Area Playgrounds Are Being Replaced and Relocated

The new locations will help accommodate large events on the beach.
VB Oceanfront Playground Under Construction

The castle-themed playground on the beach at 31stStreet near the King Neptune statue will be removed and a new one will be relocated to 35th Street behind the Hilton Vacation Club near the Virginia Beach Law Enforcement Memorial.

The new playground at 35th Street is currently under construction and once it is complete, the existing playground at 31stStreet will be demolished. Work on this project is expected to be complete by April 10.

31st Street Playground and 35th Street Rendering

An existing pirate ship playground located at 10thStreet behind the Hampton Inn has already been demolished and a brand-new playground that also features a pirate ship theme will instead be installed at 15thStreet just north of the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier opposite the parking lot starting in early May.

“Typically, playgrounds last about 15 years,” said Chad Morris, Planning, Design & Development administrator for Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation. “Though they held up well considering they were subject to a harsher environment than most with the sand, wind and salt air, these two playgrounds have reached the end of their life-cycle and it’s time to replace them for safety reasons.”

10th Street Playground and 15th Street Playground Rendering

The two playgrounds are being relocated in order to accommodate a larger footprint for major events and festivals that take place on the beach such as the North American Sand Soccer Tournament and SOMETHING IN THE WATER.

Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation is pleased to make available to you information about our local government services and activities. To learn more about this topic, visit VirginiaBeach.gov/playgrounds.

No changes are being made to Grommet Island Park near Rudee Inlet.

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