February 2, 2024

Your Health. Your Community. Your Voice. Share Your Community Health Needs!

The Virginia Beach Department of Public Health (VBDPH) needs your help making Virginia Beach a healthier place to live.

Public Health Community Needs Assessment

As a resident of Virginia Beach, your perspective on what health issues our community faces is important! Through a Community Health Needs Assessment, VBDPH seeks to find out what qualities, characteristics and health problems are important to you, your neighbors and your community. Each response helps VBDPH work with community leaders and other local health care providers to understand your health needs and create strategies to improve health and well-being here in Virginia Beach. Provide your input by Feb. 26.

What is a community health needs assessment?

  • A way to learn about the health needs in our community.
  • Usually conducted by public health every 3-5 years.
  • Usually includes data about health as well as information (survey) from community members.
  • A way for people who live, work, and play in Virginia Beach to share what they think our top needs are.
  • Has questions that ask about important health concerns for our community as well as an individual person.

The goal is to:

  • Understand what is important to our community.
  • Build on the work and resources available now.
  • Support the community to lead the way on addressing health needs.

About the survey

  • It DOES NOT ask for your name or information that identifies you.
  • It DOES ask a bit about you (like age) to help ensure people from all different groups in our city are included.
  • It asks about what health topics are most important to you as an individual and to our community.
  • It can be completed online or by calling VBDPH at 757-518-2700 and following the prompt to the Community Health Epidemiologist's voicemail (someone will call back to assist with the survey).
  • It is available in English, Spanish and French (can be read out loud to you), as well as Tagalog and Ukrainian (no audio available for these languages currently).
  • It is scheduled to close Feb. 26.

How it will be used

  • Survey responses will be summarized and used together with community health data in a report that will be shared with our community.
  • This report helps all of us understand what we as a community think is important for health.

Make your voice heard. Call VBDPH at 757-518-2700 to complete the survey by phone or complete the survey online.

You can also sign up to participate in one of several focus groups where you can share your thoughts and be eligible to receive a $25 gift card!

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