February 8, 2023

New Rates for Residential Parking Permit Program Take Effect March 1

Resort Area residents who reside within the boundaries of the Residential Parking Permit Program will pay $5 for each parking permit.

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New Rates for the City's Residential Parking Permit Program (RPPP) will take effect March 1. Currently, residents who live within the RPPP boundaries may obtain their first two household permits for free and are charged $5 each for an optional third and fourth permit. On March 1, prices will increase so that all permits, including those for guests (which are currently $2 each) will cost $5.

This means that if an individual household opted to purchase four resident permits and two guest permits all six permits would cost a total of $30 for the year.

The rate increase was proposed due to increased expenses. And, following public input, the City Council approved the change on June 14, 2022.

City data reveals that the vast majority of households only get the two free permits – with only 8% of residents in the program actually purchasing residential permits.

Increased costs are related to the fact that parking enforcement has expanded to a year-round operation and there is the added expense of fuel, enforcement vehicles and equipment, staff wages as well as software licensing.

Further, the last rate hike was more than 15 years ago and the flat $5 fee for all passes simplifies the rate structure. These simplified rates will help to streamline operations which is helpful as high annual turnover in neighborhoods has also placed additional demands on staff.

Even with the increase, the proposed new rates will remain well below other peer cities with residential parking permit programs.

Peer City Pricing

  • Norfolk: $10 each and $2 for temporary passes
  • Arlington County: $20 to $50
  • Alexandria: $40 (first pass), $50 (second pass) and $150 thereafter
  • Baltimore: $20 each

Previous Virginia Beach Rates

  • Residential Permits:
    • Permits one and two - $0
  • Permits three and four: $5 each
  • Guest Permit: $2 each (two max)

New Rates (effective March 1, 2023)

  • Residential Permit: $5 each (four max)
  • Guest Permit: $5 each (two max)

Questions may be directed to (757) 385-2900 or parkingpermithelp@vbgov.com.

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