August 31, 2023

Labor Day 2023: 10 Surprising Facts About Virginia Beach City Workers

Learn more about the people that help keep our city running in honor of Labor Day.
Collage of Virginia Beach employees working around the City

The City of Virginia Beach employs more than 7,500 workers in 35 departments. Every day, staff and volunteers provide services that keep the city running smoothly for 450,000 Virginia Beach residents and seven million visitors per year.

Here are 10 facts about the City of Virginia Beach workforce that may surprise you:

  1. Virginia Beach operates as an independent city, with its land area spreading from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay all the way to the North Carolina border. Fire, Police and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) staff provide public safety services to this entire area, which spans nearly 500 square miles of land and water.
  2. Every month, Virginia Beach Public Library employees host an average of 67,000+ in-person visits at 10 locations while overseeing 400+ programs and the checking out of 125,000 physical items.
  3. Every week, Public Works/Waste Management crews empty trash carts from 124,000 residences.
  4. The Virginia Aquarium’s Life Support and Water Quality team processes around 200,000 gallons of water each month from Owls Creek to condition and filter natural seawater into the saltwater exhibits.
  5. Consisting of paid staff and volunteers, VBEMS providers respond to more than 53,000 emergency calls each year. The City’s ambulances are purchased and owned by the volunteer rescue squads thanks to nonprofit donations from the community.
  6. Parks & Recreation landscaping crews mow, plant and maintain 200+ parks and green spaces throughout the city. Some employees from these teams double as debris clean-up crews and snowplow drivers after large storms hit the area.
  7. Public Works/Beach Operations employees orchestrate trash removal from beaches and parks during large festivals and events. Over the Fourth of July weekend, Beach Ops crews removed 96.32 tons of garbage from six beaches, Atlantic Avenue and the Boardwalk.
  8. Every year, employees in Budget & Management Services work together with all City departments to create a comprehensive annual budget that is balanced to the penny.
  9. In addition to paid staff, the City relies on the efforts of 9,000+ volunteers, who last fiscal year provided 790,000 hours of service. Valued at $23 million, this is the equivalent of nearly 380 full-time workers.
  10. The average length of tenure for a full-time City employee is 10.2 years, and the average age is 43. This level of dedication greatly enhances daily operations.

Labor Day is an official holiday, which means most offices will be closed on Monday, Sept. 4. But as is the case on most national holidays, many City employees will continue providing essential services to the community.

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