November 16, 2023

Help Improve Internet Service Affordability and Access

A statewide internet speed test is gathering data for the City to be eligible for grants to improve the affordability of and access to internet services.

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Are you in need of high-speed internet or faster internet? Are you paying more for internet than you would like? The Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) has launched a statewide speed test to better understand the lack of broadband access, affordability and adoption in Virginia. The results will help to enable the Commonwealth to apply for funding to improve the affordability of and access to internet services.

One of the programs for funding is Broadband Equity, Access and Diversity (BEAD), a program funded by the Infrastructure and Investment Act, to expand broadband internet access across the country. Virginia’s share of the federal funding is $1.48 billion. These funds flow to cities and counties according to the lack of internet access or service available. By taking the speed test, you will help to ensure that Virginia Beach is eligible for funding to assist in providing affordable and fast internet throughout the city.

Internet Survey and Speed Test

DHCD is creating a broadband map of Virginia in order to identify locations that lack such service. Help bring strong, reliable broadband access by taking the two-minute speed test. For validity, the speed test must be performed over three consecutive days. The first speed test must be completed before the deadline on Nov. 30, but you will have seven days after the first test to complete the two subsequent tests.

Together, we can foster digital opportunity in the city and commonwealth by ensuring that all residents have access to affordable, reliable and high-speed internet.

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