December 14, 2023

EMS Medical Director Celebrates 25 Years of Serving the Virginia Beach Community

Dr. Stewart Martin remains committed to keeping VB Rescue on the forefront of Emergency Medical Services.

Dr Stewart Martin 25 Years of Service

Stewart Martin, M.D., has built an incredible career for himself. Not only does he work for Emergency Physicians of Tidewater and Sentara, but he’s entering his 25th year as medical director for the VB Rescue system.

And where did Dr. Martin’s career begin? As a volunteer with the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad. Martin started his volunteer service in 1986 and just 12 years later, was appointed medical director for EMS.

“I think it's most important not to forget where you came from,” Martin said. “I enjoyed volunteering for many years. I have no doubt that the experience made me a better physician and it was the ultimate honor to be appointed as the medical director for a group that I was so proud to have worked with as a volunteer member.”

The VB Rescue system includes the Department of EMS and the volunteer rescue squads of Virginia Beach and their combined career and volunteer members. These EMS professionals, along with EMS certified providers in the Virginia Beach Fire Department, operate under the medical direction and licensure of Dr. Martin to deliver the highest quality pre-hospital patient care to those in need.

Making An Impact

Martin’s credentials are rock solid. He’s certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine in emergency medical services, emergency medicine, along with undersea and hyperbaric medicine. As the EMS medical director, he has led the charge in advancing airway management, adding Rapid Sequence Intubation to the toolbox of many EMS paramedics, and overseeing the development of the first-ever VB Rescue Advanced EMT Academy.

Dr. Martin has also worked closely with the Tidewater EMS Council to bring whole blood administration to Virginia Beach, making our community the first in Hampton Roads to benefit from the life-saving treatment.

“Dr. Martin has kept the Department of EMS and our VB Rescue volunteers on the cutting edge of prehospital emergency medicine,” said Chief of EMS Jason Stroud. “The advancements in patient care that he’s brought to Virginia Beach have made a lasting impact on our residents and guests.”

As he reaches the 25-year mark as medical director, Dr. Martin remains thankful for the opportunities given to him as a VB Rescue volunteer. He served as chief of the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad in 1994 and 1995 and remains a life member.

Looking Ahead

Emergency medicine is a forever changing practice, with new skills and technology making patient care more effective. As he has throughout his entire tenure as medical director, Dr. Martin is committed to keeping VB Rescue on the forefront of emergency medical services.

Among those new items on the horizon is exploring how ultrasound technology may be able to help VB Rescue providers advance their level of patient care.

“We will stay abreast of new innovations, procedures and breakthroughs and incorporate proven interventions into our practice while propelling VB Rescue forward,” Dr. Martin said. “We’ll continue to help all the amazing providers in our system have a greater understanding of how their interventions positively impact our patients, and tailor their actions to create better outcomes.”

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