March 10, 2023

Complete an Online Survey and Help Identify Housing Needs in Virginia Beach

Your input will help inform the City’s Housing Study.

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Update: The closing date for the survey has been extended to April 5.

    The City is seeking public input to help identify housing needs within Virginia Beach. The Department of ​Housing & Neighborhood Preservation is collaborating with the Virginia Center for Housing Research (VCHR) at Virginia Tech to conduct a housing study for the City. This is needed for several reasons. Among them is the fact that local governments are increasingly responsible for providing social and assistance programs in partnership with private enterprises and nongovernment organizations. And, the consequences of insufficient affordable housing can lead to far-reaching negative outcomes. For instance, when access to affordable housing is limited, families will accept substandard housing in order to simply have a roof over their heads, or they may be forced to sacrifice other necessities such as food or heat and this can have developmental, mental and health consequences for children.

    In November 2022, the City Council approved an ordinance to fund an updated housing study and report, which was previously completed in 2016. The study will include VCHR's analysis of the current housing market and the identification of strategies to address the housing needs in Virginia Beach.

    Eight public meetings were held in January – February where attendees participated in small group discussions to share housing-related needs and issues within the city. For those who were unable to attend one of the public meetings, an online survey is now available at to provide an additional opportunity for the public to share input on:

    • Housing-related challenges they have experienced or observed
    • Resources that would address these issues
    • What "affordable housing" means to them
    • The online survey will be open until 11:59 p.m. on March 22.

    Public input during this phase of the housing study will be used to test VCHR's analysis, add depth to their understanding of trends or data and guide additional or more in-depth study.

    A video presentation that includes the scope and timeline for the housing study and housing affordability data in Virginia Beach is provided at the beginning of the online survey.

    For more information, visit the Housing Study page or email

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