Applications Support

Login Information

If you have forgotten your password, please contact the help desk at 385-4357.

  • ​Employees hired on or after 12/11/17 your InSITE userid is the same your network login.
  • The first time you login to InSITE, your password will be:
    • Your date of birth, formatted as MMDDYYYY + InSITE employee number
    • Example, John's date of birth is 1/5/75 = 01051975 and his id number is 234
    • So, his password would be 01051975234
    • You will be prompted to change your password after you login
  • Employees hired before 12/11/17, your username is the first character of your first name and the first 7 characters of your last name followed by your InSITE employee number (the InSITE employee number is on your paycheck) - Example: John Sampleguy employee id 234, would be JSampleg234

Note: InSITE accounts are created automatically and are available to use starting on the employee’s hire date. The supervisor and hiring department contact will receive an automated email containing the employee’s login information. 

InSITE Self-Service is a tool that allows employees to view (and in some cases update) their personal information. This capability is available to all active employees. Managers also have access to Manager Self-Service (MSS). With MSS Managers can view non-confidential information for all employees within their direct reporting structure. Managers cannot view confidential employee information such as W-2 forms, paycheck details, and benefits information. Employees and Managers can also run reports using the Discoverer Viewer reporting tool (from City computers only).


  • Information can be viewed on-demand from any Web-enabled computer, without having to request the information from the departmental PALS.
  • Employees can update their own address, telephone number, email address, and W-4 information.
  • Employees and managers can view leave details for each leave taken (sick, annual, and comp time).
  • Information can be printed by right-clicking on a screen and selecting print.
  • PALS will have more time to perform other primary job functions because they will be researching and responding to fewer inquiries for this information from managers and employees.

If you have questions about the information you see in Self-Service, please contact your Departmental PALS.

  • HR PALS can provide information about your employment, personal, special or extra information.
  • OTL PALS can answer questions about leave balances.

If you have specific questions about your paycheck, contact Payroll at 385-4301. If you have specific questions about your benefits, contact Benefits at 263-1060.​​​​​​