July 20, 2023

Three VBPD Captains Complete National Police Leadership Program

Continuing education and training prepare our officers to handle the evolving nature of crime.
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Three captains from the Virginia Beach Police Department (VBPD) recently returned from the Senior Management Institute for Police (SMIP), an intensive three-week leadership program from the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF).

Captains Colin Elliot, Marcie Fox and Jeffery Wilkerson completed the program, which provides senior police executives with rigorous training in the latest management concepts and practices used in business and government. It also features discussions of the most challenging issues facing law enforcement executives today.

Criminals continue to invent new ways to break the law. Our community benefits when our police officers are prepared to handle the evolving nature of crime. That’s one of the many reasons VBPD invests heavily on education and training for its officers.

From the training academy to annual in-services, our officers are provided continuing education opportunities that exceed DCJS requirements. In addition to practical police tactical exercises, we emphasize training on mental and physical health and wellness, defensive tactics, de-escalation techniques, and media relations.

“Exceptional leadership requires life-long learning,” said Capt. Jeffery Wilkerson. “The Senior Management Institute for Police provides the leadership learning needed for police executives to lead police organizations in the 21st Century.”

SMIP gives participants a clear understanding of general management theory, policy development, planning processes, and organizational behavior. Among the topics covered in the training are diversity, political management, organizational strategy, performance management, organizational change, leadership, managerial problem-solving, strategy implementation, leadership communications, career planning, negotiation, the budgeting process, critical incident response, media relations, officer wellness, and new policing strategies and innovations.

“Attending SMIP was very rewarding on many levels. I met and networked with over 100 leaders from all over the country and Canada,” said Capt. Colin Elliot. “I developed friendships and made numerous contacts that will be useful in the future. I was also instructed by some of the best professors from Ivy League schools and other prestigious universities.”

“The course of instruction was excellent, but the greatest value I found during this training was the networking and resource connections I made with other police executives from across the nation and Canada,” said Capt. Marcie Fox. “I will always have the ability to seek guidance or bounce ideas with top police executives due to the professional relationships forged during SMIP.”

Founded in 1976 as a nonprofit organization, PERF is a police research and policy organization and a provider of management services, technical assistance, and executive-level education to support law enforcement agencies. PERF helps to improve the delivery of police services through the exercise of strong national leadership; public debate of police and criminal justice issues; and research and policy development.

VBPD Capts Elliott Fox Wilkerson

Capt. Colin Elliott, Capt. Marcie Fox and Capt. Jeffery Wilkerson

The City of Virginia Beach Police Department is pleased to make available to you information about our police officers and VBPD activities. To learn more about VBPD, visit police.virginiabeach.gov.

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