November 21, 2022

Stormwater Management & Maintenance

Minimize flooding, protect water quality, and effectively manage stormwater throughout the city.

Stormwater drain during rain

Stormwater is rain that doesn't soak into the ground. Instead, it flows from our roofs, over pavement, across bare soil and down the streets. As stormwater flows, it picks up everything in its path – oil, litter, pesticides, leaves, animal waste, and more. The stormwater carries all these things directly into the closest waterway. Trash, leaves, and grass clippings can clog storm drains and contribute to localized flooding.

The City has implemented a comprehensive Flood Protection Program made up of more than 41 projects and programs to be completed throughout the city over the next 10 years. But nearly every day, routine stormwater management and maintenance is occurring in our communities in order to minimize flooding, comply with regulations to protect water quality, and to ensure effective and safe management of stormwater runoff and drainage.

Virginia Beach’s robust stormwater management plan has many components including (among others) maintaining hundreds of miles of stormwater pipe throughout the city, ditch cleaning, pump station maintenance and dredging lakes, ponds and canals.

Get a look at some of this work in the video and stay tuned for more updates on the City’s stormwater management efforts in the coming months.

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