March 23, 2023

Funding Priorities in the Proposed FY2023-24 Budget Mirror these Six Focus Areas from the Resident Satisfaction Survey

The City listened and allocated resources accordingly.

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Earlier this week, Budget & Management Services Director Kevin Chatellier presented the City Manager’s proposed FY 2023-2024 budget to City Council and funding allocations reflected the priorities outlined in the most recent Resident Satisfaction Survey.

In general, the proposed FY 2023-24 Operating Budget maintains all baseline services despite the high rate of inflation, and does so without any rate increases in major tax sources such as Real Estate or Personal Property taxes.

The total proposed budget increased to $2,540,158,325 – or 3.39% over last year, significantly less than the current 6% rate of inflation.

Organic growth in most tax revenues will cover increasing costs (real estate revenues are up about 7% and other tax revenues are up about 3% on average), however, the City Manager is recommending a few fee adjustments to maintain current levels of service.

This is because unlike in recent years, there is no more stimulus funding, overall revenue growth is slowing to be more in line with historical averages, and higher inflation has impacted both the operating budget and the Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

The City Manager’s proposed budget recommended that just a few areas receive additional funding in response to the Resident Satisfaction Survey Results which have been used to determine areas of priority. They are:

  1. Public Safety
    • Ongoing costs and baseline services – i.e. law enforcement body cameras and e-ticketing software
    • 11 additional police officers
    • 2 police tech specialists
    • 3 fire safety positions
    • 40.6 new EMS staff members
    • 12 positions in the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office
  2. Parks & Recreation, Libraries and Human Services
    • 4 library positions to restore Sunday hours at the Central Library
    • Elimination of library fines and late fees
    • 5 positions in Human Services to restore Pathway mental health services
    • $445,000 for “Parks after Dark,” a youth violence prevention program
  3. Development Services
    • 1 Economic Development Position to establish HIVE presence and program expansion
    • $250,000 to hire a contractor for homeless encampment cleanup
    • 6 Housing & Neighborhood Preservation positions to staff the Homeless Prevention Program
  4. Customer Service & Community Engagement
    • 2 Communications Department positions as well as communication tools and software
    • 2 Constituent Affairs Positions
    • 1 Public Works Stormwater Community Engagement position
    • 1 General Registrar position
  5. Infrastructure and Transportation
    • 2 Electricians in Public Works for LED street light repair and enhancement
    • 1 Planner/Estimator in Public Works – street and sidewalk maintenance (additional $1.3 million operating increase for paving maintenance program)
    • A position in the City Manager’s Office that will work on citywide ADA Compliance and coordinate efforts with Public Works
  6. Utilities – Stormwater, Waste Management, Water & Sewer
    • Master works project management system implementation
    • 5 Public Works Positions for Stormwater maintenance initiatives and capital construction needs
    • For the last few years, City Council has deferred a Waste Management fee increase, however, a consultant has recommended a $3 per month increase. This budget instead proposes a rate increase of $2.50 (for a total of $27.50) to maintain current levels of service.
    • Water & Sewer fee increases have also been deferred for several years. The consultant rate study recommended an increase and the proposed budget suggests $0.30 for the water rate (per 1,000 gallons) and $0.77 for monthly sewer charges

Budget Hearings

Residents are encouraged to share their thoughts about the budget at either of two public hearings to be held on April 19 (6 p.m. at the Convention Center) and April 25 (6 p.m. in the City Council Chamber).

  • City Council Workshops, City Council Chambers: April 4, 11, and 18
  • Public Hearing, Virginia Beach Convention Center: April 19 at 6 p.m.
  • City Council Workshop (Special Session), City Council Chambers: April 25
  • Public Hearing, City Council Chamber: April 25 at 6 p.m.
  • Reconciliation Workshop, City Council Chamber: May 2
  • City Council Votes on Budget, City Council Chamber: May 9

Share Your Thoughts with Balancing Act Tools

Balancing Act provides tools for residents to tinker with the proposed FY 2023-24 City budget and suggest changes. Using the Budget Simulation tool, residents can raise or lower individual taxes and raise or lower individual spending items. The only catch is that the budget must balance.

For every change in spending or revenue, there must be an offsetting change elsewhere. Lower taxes? Sure – but you must also lower spending somewhere, or raise taxes elsewhere, to balance the budget. Want more money for a favorite service? Absolutely – but show us where you'll get the money by trimming another service or raising a tax or fee.

New this year is the Prioritize tool, which allows residents to prioritize and rank what services or projects they want to be funded most in the FY24 budget from the options provided. Options include staffing, infrastructure, training or open to your suggestion. After selecting the 10 items you want most funded, rank them in order with the No. 1 choice being the most valued.

Leave comments and hit SUBMIT. The City Council will get all suggested changes and comments.

After using these tools, try another online tool, Taxpayer Receipt, to see an estimate of how much you pay in City taxes and what you get for your money. Anonymously enter your income, value of your home and value of your car.

The tool will show you an estimate of your total tax bill and where the money is spent. The tool calculates taxes on real estate and personal property and estimates taxes on restaurant meals and sales based on age and income. It does not include fees for water, sewer, trash and stormwater.

The proposed budget is available at and you may watch the full presentation below.

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