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Submit a fence permit online through the city’s Citizen Access System.
PPZ fence
Failure to notify Miss Utility could make you liable if you damage a utility line.
Miss Utility
Special tax rates for qualified residential & commercial projects.
PPZ energy
Get covered for flood damage before natural disaster strikes.
PPZ flood insurance

Code Enforcement

State and city codes regarding building and property maintenance are designed to keep the places you live, work, and play safe and attractive. Housing & Neighborhood Preservation's Code Enforcement Division preserves the safety and appearance of the city's existing structures and properties through routine inspections and responds to complaints about code violations.

Permits & Inspections

Administers the Uniform Statewide Building Code and associated laws and ordinances. The Permits & Inspections division also administers regulations to the Department of Environmental Quality Stormwater and Erosion and Sediment Control for private development and franchise utilities.

Short-term Rentals

The Virginia Beach City Council has been studying possible regulations for short-term home rentals, like those ​promoted on Airbnb and other sites, out of concern for how rentals affect quiet residential neighborhoods as well as the safety of visitors who rent homes, apartments, or rooms.

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