Neighborhood Associations

Neighborhood organizations connect you to your community, promote civic engagement and give you a forum to voice your concerns.
3800 Oceanfront Condo Association
Abingdon Village Homeowner Association
Aeries on the Bay Civic League
Alanton Civic League
Amherst Home Owners' Association
Aragona Village Civic League
Arbor Brook Condominium Association
Rita Phippins Association Manager
Arrowhead-Carolanne Farms Civic League
Avalon Hills Civic League
Avalon Terrace / Avalon Woods
Baycliff Civic League
Baylake Pines Civic League (Baylake Pines & Baylake Beach)
Bayville Cove Homeowners Association
Beechwood Civic League
Bellamy Manor Estates Civic League
Bellamy Plantation Civic League
Bellamy Woods Civic League
Bellwood Neighborhoods Civic League (Bellwood Estates, Bellwood Forest & Bellwood Meadows)
Bernard Farms Homeowners Association
Birchwood Civic League (Birchwood Gardens, Birchwood South and Birchwood Cedar)
Birdneck Lake Homes Association
Bishopsgate Civic League
Blackwater Civic League
Bluegrass Park @ Lexington Condominiums
Sabrina Beasley Property Manager
Brigadoon Civic League
Broad Bay Estates Civic League
Broad Bay Island Civic League
Broad Bay Point Greens Civic League
Buckner Farm Community Association
Rita Phippins Association Manager
Campus East Community Association
Jeffrey Coleman Community Assn Manager
Cape Henry Shores Civic Association
Cape Henry Towers Condominium Association
Kristina Mack Association/Property Manager
Cape Story by the Sea Civic League
Carriage Mill Homes Association
Cavalier Park & Bay Colony Community League
Deborah Blanchard
Charlestowne Area Civic League (Charlestowne, Charlestowne East, Charlestowne Woods, and Lakes of Charlestowne)
Chesapeake Beach Civic League
Cami Best-Jones
Chesopeian Colony Civic League
Christopher Farms Phase I and II Homeowners Association
Brett Campbell Association Manager
Christopher Farms Phase III Homeowners Association
Church Point Homeowners Association
Courthouse Estates Community Association
Courtney Miszczak Association Manager
Croatan Civic League
Cypress Point Civic Association
Diamond Lake Estates Civic League
Diamond Springs-Gardenwood Park (DSGP) Civic League
David Leadbetter
Doyletown Civic League
Drift Tide Condominiums (Phase 1)
Drift Tide Condominiums (Phase 2)
Edgewater Condo Association
Fairfield Civic League
Fairfield Forest Civic League
Framingham Village Homes Association
Glenwood Community Association
Glenwood Seasons Owners' Association
Glyndon Village Homeowners Association
Great Neck Estates Civic League
Great Neck Meadows Area Civic League (Great Neck Meadows, part of Old Donation Woods and Wellington Woods North)
Green Run Homes Association
Harbour Gate Owners' Association
Harbour Point Condominium Association
Tanya Gasser Property Manager
Heritage Park Community Association
Josh Martinez Property Manager
Heron Ridge Estates Community Association
Herons Cove Condominiums
Sherry Robinson Property Manager
Highgate Greens Homeowners Association
Homestead Civic League
Indian Lakes Foundation Homeowners Association
Kemps Lake Condo Association
Kempshire Manor Homes Association
Deborah Stacey
Kempsville Lake Community Association
King's Grant Community League
Kings Forest Civic League
Kingston Estates Homeowners Association
L & J Gardens
Lago Mar Civic League
Lake Christopher Homes Association
Lake Edward Civic League
R. Perez Gatling
Lake Front Village Home Owners' Association
Lake James Homes Association
Lake Shores Civic League
Craig Corey
Lake Smith Terrace/Haygood Point/ Governor Square Civic League
Lakes End Homeowners Association
Lakeview Park
Lakeview Shores Bradford Park Civic League
Lamplight Manor Civic League
Landstown Community Civic League
Larkspur Civic League
Laurel Cove Civic League
Southern Van Auken
Lesner Pointe Condominium Association
Tanya Gasser Property Manager
Level Green Civic League
Linkhorn Bay Condominium Association
Linkhorn Cove Civic League
Linlier Civic League
Little Haven Civic League
Little Neck Cove Civic League
Lynnhaven Colony Civic League
Magic Hollow Community Association
Jill Ewell Association Manager
Middle Plantation Civic League
Hillary Wilson
Newcastle/Princeton Civic League
Newlight Civic League
Newpointe Condo Association
Yasmeen Goodwin On-Site Property Manager
Newsome Farms Civic League
North Alanton Civic League
North Shore at Ridgley Manor Community Association (Phases 1, 2 & 3)
Laura Henry Association Manager
North Virginia Beach Civic League
Ocean Lakes Community Association
Ocean Park Civic League
Ocean Villas Condominium Assoc
Ocean Way Condominium Owner's Association, Inc.
Oceans Owners Council (Oceans Condominiums)
Oceanside Condominium Owners Association
Old Beach Village Condominium Association
Rita Phippins Property Manager
Park Place Civic League
Pembroke Manor Civic League
Pembroke Meadows Civic League (Pembroke Meadows, Pembroke Shores, Pembroke Shores Town Homes & Hudgins Shores)
Pine Ridge Civic League
Pinewood Gardens/Eureka Park Civic League
Point O'Woods Civic League
Princess Anne Crossing Civic League
Princess Anne Hills Civic League
Princess Anne Plaza Civic League (serving Bow Creek, Brookwood, Carriage Hill, North Gate, Pecan Garden, Princess Anne Plaza, Windsor Forest, Windsor Oaks, Windsor Oaks West, and Windsor Woods)
Princess Anne Quarter Civic League
Queen City Community Civic League
Resort Beach Civic League
Ridgely Manor Condominium Association
Ridglea Civic League
River Haven Civic League (Shore Haven and Forest Hills)
River Oaks Property Owners Association
Rudee Heights Civic League
Sajo Farm Condominium Association
Salem Woods Civic Association
Scarborough Square Civic League
Seacourt Condo Association
Seatack Community Civic League
Shadowlawn Civic League
Sherwood Lakes Community Association
South Shore Estates Civic League
Christopher Wojtowicz
Southall Quarter Civic League
St. Albans Glenn Condominium Owners' Association
Stratford Chase Civic League
Sylvan Lake Homeowners Association
Thalia Civic League
The Historic Cavalier Shores Civic League
The Landings Homeowners Association
Jan Schuler-Rivas
The Reserve at Great Neck Community Association
The Villages Homeowners Association
Thoroughgood Civic League
Three Oaks Homes Association
Maria Captui
Timberlake Community Association
Traditions at Cypress Point Unit Owners Association
Virginia Beach Council of Civic Organizations
Water Oaks Condominiums
Wellington Woods Civic League
Wesleyan Chase Civic League
Whitehurst Woods Civic League
Witchduck Civic League (Witchduck Point, Saw Pen Point, Bay Hill, Donation Shores, Haygood Estates, Old Donation Manor, Wishart Cove, Wishart Lake and Witchduck Farm)
Wolfsnare Plantation Civic League
Woodstock Civic League
Wordsworth Condo Association
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