April 13, 2020

Virginia Beach Public Works Crews Addressing High Water and Winds

​Virginia Beach, VA - April 13, 2020 - As expected, today's high winds and rain are contributing to high water in several areas in the southern part of Virginia Beach. With winds out of the S – SW throughout the day and rain continuing, Virginia Beach Public Works Operations is sending crews throughout the southern part to place high water warning signs and look for other trouble areas. Due to current and projected roadway flooding, VBPD is implementing a Sandbridge Road closure between New Bridge Road and Sandpiper Road. Crews began closing that section of the road at 2:30 this afternoon; the back gate at Oceana/Dam Neck Base will be opened for residents of Sandbridge. Winds are predicted to shift to the NW later this evening with the rainfall amounts dropping off to near zero. The water level at Beggars Bridge is expected to rise to approximately 2.5 feet today, and will most likely not return to 1.5 feet until later Tuesday – provided winds decrease and are not out of the S or SW. Public Works is continuing to monitor all areas throughout the city that are prone to flooding and will have crews ready throughout the day and evening to respond to trouble areas.

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