December 22, 2021

Virginia Beach Completes Review of Hazard Mitigation Actions to Help Maintain Flood Insurance Rate Discounts for Residents

​The City of Virginia Beach completed the required annual review of progress made toward completing mitigation actions detailed in the current Hampton Roads Hazard Mitigation Plan. This review is a component of the annual recertification process of the Community Rating System (CRS), which allows residents and business owners within high flood risk zones to save 15% on flood insurance premiums. The City must complete the recertification process every year to retain eligibility for CRS participation and the flood insurance discount.

The City of Virginia Beach remains committed to helping residents and businesses protect themselves and their properties against flooding. Flood insurance premium discounts through CRS participation is just one of the ways the City works to help everyone have access to flood protection. For more information on flood insurance visit,

The Hampton Roads Hazard Mitigation Plan is developed and maintained by the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC) with input from City stakeholders. It identifies natural threats that the City of Virginia Beach is vulnerable to such as flooding and tropical storms. Mitigation actions within the Hampton Roads Hazard Mitigation Plan serve as a tenet of the City's strategy to limit the likelihood of damage from these threats.

To view the 2021 report, visit the related information section at

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