January 27, 2021

VBPD Implements a New Strategy to Address Crime

​The Virginia Beach Police Department (VBPD) has instituted a new statistical tracking strategy to more efficiently address crime as it occurs in our city. The new model is WAVES – Weekly Analysis for (V)BPD Engagement and Strategies. The previous analytical method, CompStat, was a monthly compilation of statistics comparing year to date crime trends, whereas WAVES is a more organizational approach that will assess crime, with an emphasis on violent crime, in our four precincts over a period of 7, 28, and 91-day increments, as well as year to date and the three-year average of each Part I crime category. By increasing the frequency of the analysis, precinct commanders will be able to tailor their responses to emerging crime conditions in more of a “real time” basis. Chief Neudigate has prioritized the enhanced use of technology and data to better address crime in Virginia Beach. By implementing WAVES, he is demonstrating his commitment to the goals conveyed to the citizens of Virginia Beach.. The VBPD will continue to pursue contemporary crime reduction initiatives as part of keeping our city one of the safest in the country. To continue fostering transparency with our residents, the weekly WAVES report will be posted on the VBPD website for easy reference so that community members can easily track how well we are doing as an organization in addressing crime.

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