April 30, 2020

VA Beach Public Works Crews Prepared to Address High Water and Winds

VA Beach Public Works Crews Prepared to Address High Water and Winds With National Weather Service officials forecasting a large storm with intense rain and southerly winds for Virginia Beach beginning on Thursday, Virginia Beach Public Works Operations is closely monitoring the track of the storm. The rainfadl amounts are predicted to be from 1" – 2," with strong southerly winds throughout the next two days beginning on Thursday. Based on these conditions there will be a rise of the Back Bay water surface elevation that will produce roadway flooding similar to that which occurred earlier this month (April 13th). Water surface levels are expected to rise approximately 2.3 feet at the Beggars Bridge monitoring site and are estimated to remain above 2 feet could rise to approximately 2.3 feet until later Friday - depending on the wind intensity and direction. The Public Works Operations staff is prepared to place highwater and road closed signs as needed and will have two pump crews and two vacuum truck crews available for any after-hours support that may be needed. Public Works officials will be monitoring the southern part of the city as well as all areas throughout the city that are prone to flooding. Crews will be ready throughout the duration of the storm and prepared to respond to any trouble areas. Public Works will send out regular updates as needed. ### News Releases: VBgov.com/PW/News City of Virginia Beach | Public Works Department | Virginia Beach, VA 23456

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