September 3, 2020

Two Police Precincts Require Enhanced Cleaning After Employees Test Positive For COVID

​The City's Occupational Safety and Health staff has initiated procedures designed to stop the spread of coronavirus following positive test results among a few Virginia Beach Police employees. The Fourth Precinct facility at 5152 Lobaugh Dr. and an administrative area on the first floor of Police Headquarters at 2509 Princess Anne Rd. both require enhanced cleaning and disinfecting after a few employees in each location tested positive for the virus. To accomplish this work, the Fourth Precinct facility will be closed this evening and will reopen Friday evening. Officers will work from alternate locations during this period. Enhanced cleaning has already begun in the affected area inside the headquarters building. Employees able to telework are being encouraged to do so until the cleaning is complete. Those who are unable to telework are being directed to wear face masks, maintain physical distancing and follow other established practices, like frequent hand washing and increased cleaning of high-touch surfaces. The City also will provide COVID-19 tests for all the employees who work in these affected areas. "We will be reinforcing the prescribed practices for stopping the spread," said Interim Police Chief Tony Zucaro. "This situation is a reminder for all of us that the virus is still a very real threat."

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