June 23, 2020

Reports that Virginia Beach Voting Machines Are Malfunctioning Incorrect

A number of electronic pollbooks used to check in voters are down. Voters are being verified by hand.

​VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (June 23, 2020) — Inaccurate reports are circulating indicating that Virginia Beach's voting machines are malfunctioning.The voting machines are working just fine, however, the electronic pollbooks are not working properly. Pollbooks are the computers that poll workers use to verify that voters are registered and voting at the appropriate location."We've deployed 14 teams to address the issue and we expect them to be back up and running in an hour or two," said Voter Registrar Donna Patterson. "In the meantime, voters are being checked in and verified by hand."While some polling locations were only allowing provisional ballots while the pollbooks were being updated, the Electoral Board has since directed poll workers at each location to enable voters to submit regular ballots," Patterson said. "We will update all of the electronic pollbooks once they are back online." # # #

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