July 13, 2020

Public Utilities and the Fire Department to Begin Repainting Fire Hydrants in Late July

The City of Virginia Beach has a very reliable water distribution system and the Department of Public Utilities works 24/7 to operate and maintain that system. Starting in late July, Public Utilities and the Fire Department will begin an initiative to repaint the approximately 9,000 public fire hydrants throughout the City, ensuring they align with the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) color codes. Public hydrants will have a yellow body with a prescribed cap color to signify the respective hydrant's flow rate in gallons per minute (GPM). This initiative will ensure first responders have instant knowledge of the flow rates of each fire hydrant in Virginia Beach. The initiative will also ensure first responders from neighboring cities have instant knowledge of each hydrant's flow rate, should mutual response be necessary. The repainting process is expected to take approximately three years to complete. Privately owned hydrants will continue to be painted red with a blue cap.For more information from a Public Utilities representative, please contact Laura Tworek at (757) 385-4948. For more information from a Fire Department representative, please contact Art Kohn at (757) 385-2877.# # #

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